What are cookies

The websites make use of useful and intelligent techniques to increase the ease of use and make sites more interesting for visitors. One of the best known techniques requires the use of cookies. Cookies may be used by owners of websites or from third parties, such as advertisers, who communicate through the website you're visiting.

Cookies are small text files that a website stores on user 's computer. The information in cookies can also be used to keep track of exploration made at several websites that use the same cookie.

Cookies are classified depending on the duration and on the sites that set them.

We believe it is essential to provide users with information about the cookies that our website uses and purposes for which they are used. The aim is threefold: to ensure your privacy, ensure ease of use and optimize the development of our websites. The explanation below shows in more detail the cookies used on our Web sites and their purposes.

Use of cookies on magiccms.org

Our site uses cookies to gather statistics on visitors and to record information about your preferences when browsing websites. Our purpose in using cookies is to improve the experience offered by our site visitors.

Cookies and their functionality

Depending on your individual goals, you use different cookie.
The following is a list of the types of cookies that are more widespread and the purposes for which they are used.

Session cookie
Session cookies are temporarily stored in your computer's memory when you are browsing a site, for example, to track the language chosen. Session cookies remain stored on your computer for a short period of time. Are deleted as soon as the user closes the Web browser.

Persistent cookies or tracers
Persistent cookies store a file on the computer for a long time. This type of cookie has an expiration date. Persistent cookies allow websites to remember information and settings on subsequent visits from people, thus making it more convenient and fast browsing, for example, because you no longer need to log in.

On expiration date, the cookie is automatically deleted when you first log on to the website that created it.

First party cookies
These cookies are set by Web sites themselves (with domain equal to that indicated in the address bar of your browser) and can only be read by those sites. Are commonly used to store information such as preferences, to be used on subsequent visits to the site.

Third party cookies
These cookies are set from domains other than the one indicated in the browser address bar, or by organizations that do not fit your own websites.

The cookies we use, for example, to collect information for advertising and content customization, as well as to process Web statistics, can be "third party cookies".

Third-party cookies that let you get the most comprehensive surveys of users ' surfing habits and are thought to be more sensitive in terms of integrity. For this reason, most Web browsers allows you to change the settings so that cookies are not accepted.

Managing cookies

How to view cookies
Since cookies are ordinary text files, you can access it using most text editors or word processing programs. To open them, just click on them. The following is a list of links that explain how to view cookies in various browsers. If your browser is not listed, please refer to the information about cookies provided by the browser itself. If you use a mobile phone, please refer to the workstation manual for further information.

Disable/enable or delete cookies
Cookies can be limited or blocked by your browser settings.

If you prefer that websites do not store any cookies on your computer, set your browser to notify you before checking of each cookie. Alternatively, you can set your browser to refuse all cookies or only third-party cookies. You can also delete all cookies already present in the system. It is important to note that settings need to be changed separately on each browser and computer you use.

If you set the blocking cookie, we cannot ensure proper operation of the Web site. Some features of the website may be unavailable and you may not be able to view certain Web sites. Also, blocking cookies does not suppress the display of advertisements. Simply, these will no longer be tailored to your interests and will reflect more frequently.

In each browser settings are changed by following a different procedure. If necessary, in order to define the correct settings use the help function of your browser.

To disable cookies on a mobile phone, please refer to the workstation manual for further information.

More detailed information about cookies on the Internet is available at http://www.aboutcookies.org/

Other cookies and cookie not controllable

Considering the operation of the Internet and Web sites, we are not always able to control the cookies that are stored by a third party through our website. This is especially true in cases where the Web page contains the so-called embedded elements: texts, documents, pictures or short videos that are stored elsewhere but appear on or through our Web site (example: a video hosted on YouTube).


Because any changes to our website or regulations relating to cookies, it is possible that these policies are periodically changed. So we are allowed to change the contents of the listed information and cookies at any time without notice. The latest version can be found on this webpage.

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