Note that the parent element (#custom-pager in this example), must contain an href tag for each slide. Each href tag must have a data-slide-index attribute that references the respecitve slide index (zero-based). See the HTML in this example. Also note that this method should not be used for dynamic carousels.


     pagerCustom: '#bx-pager'


<div id="demoSlider1" class="mbslider">
  <div class="item"><img src="https://unsplash.it/1280/720?image=1061"></div>
  <div class="item"><img src="https://unsplash.it/1280/720?image=1062"></div>
  <div class="item"><img src="https://unsplash.it/1280/720?image=1063"></div>
<div id="custom-pager">
  <a data-slide-index="0" href=""><img src="https://unsplash.it/40?image=1061" /></a>
  <a data-slide-index="1" href=""><img src="https://unsplash.it/40?image=1062" /></a>
  <a data-slide-index="2" href=""><img src="https://unsplash.it/40?image=1063" /></a>
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